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Pain Clinic
PAIN goes away so quickly... it is not a miracle, but most of my patients are say so. Amazing!!… Impressed…!! No comparison…!! What a miracle…!!

Visit us and try Ahn’s acupuncture for any pains, including but not limited to headache, migraines, neck, upper or lower back, shoulder or arm, hands or feet, disc, arthritis, gout, sciatica, fingers or toes..... You name it, we can help you!!

Freedom from pains will change your life!!
With over 30 years of personal experiences and with training that has been passed down from generation to generation. You can count on us for any pain, acute or chronic. We use your limb points in most cases, so you don't have to off your clothes for treatments.                   We treat not only the symptoms but also the cause. Automobile accident? click more

Weight Control...
Your willingness and effort will be crucial in resolving this issue.
Please ask us for a consultation, diagnosis and treatment for weight control.

Tailored Medicine - The Korean Traditional Medicine
We are flooded with products that enhance our health. At least from the perspective of Korean traditional medicine, there is no medicine that cures every disease for everyone. Many products mislead patients to fall into their scheme.

The Korean traditional medicine uses a treatment that is like tailoring a suit that fits you well. When the right treatment is given, the effectiveness is incredible. In order to figure out the right treatment, experiences play very important role. The treatment needs to be implemented with care because the good health is the life.

We don't have time to waste, so let's get to the point. Does Acupuncture work? Absolutely yes. Then what is next? Find out about an experienced doctor in your area. Refer by others about his practice before you make an appointment.

Testimonial letters from my patients.

    Let me introduce myself...

Byoung-yop Ahn, L. Ac
Founder of Ahn's Won-lee-chim
Master Instructor
Specialist of Korean Undulation Acupuncture medicine

I was born in Seoul, Korea in 1944,    I have a family background practicing medicine from generation to generation. Since I started in 1972, my practice have gained the great reputations.

I have been using my own method for the last 15 years, the "Ahn's won-lee-chim". In order to practice this method, an accurate diagnosis and examination based on the Korean medicine theory are necessary. Many patients call this medicine as an "art" or "magic" or "amazing" after they get the result.

      You too can get well by       Ahn's Acupuncture

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"Jesus loves you so do I"

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