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  A testimonial letter from Chun Ok Friedt
Feb. 23, 2003

My name is Chun Ok and I’m 48 years old and I was born and raised in Korea but I was not very familiar with Herbal Medicine or Acupuncture.

October 2002, I had abnormal period and I thought I was going through menopause so at first I was not worried and let the nature take care of it. But as time passes I was worried because by now I was bleeding for over 3 weeks and there seems to be no end to this bleeding and I was so weak from all this bleeding. So I called my doctor and made an appointment to see her. They did my blood test and I was very anemic and my female hormone showed I was not going through my menopause and my thyroid hormone was very low. My doctor sent me to a gynecologist and she examined me and said I had enlarged uterus and the only way to get the problem solved would be by hysterectomy but because of my thyroid hormone was so imbalanced she can’t do anything until that is corrected.

One of my sister suggested that I go see an herbal doctor. So on Saturday in December 14, 2002, my sister, my husband and I went to the herbal doctor that my sister used previously but because it was Saturday there were closed. So we got Korean business phone book and I looked up herbal doctors and I happened to see doctor Ahn’s ad and I called him. He happened to be in his office that day and he agreed to see me. My purpose in seeing him was to stop the bleeding and later on have the hysterectomy but Dr. Ahn said that God gave us all the parts in our body because they need them all and they should try our best to heal that sick parts not cut it out, because if they do surgically remove our body parts, other parts in our body suffers and they will never feel whole again.

That comment from Dr. Ahn made a good sense to me because I’m a God fearing Christian and appreciate what God has created, especially our body. So I read a lot of materials on female body parts, especially the uterus, and I learned so many functions that the uterus performs for women’s well-being, not just producing estrogen and carry baby during the pregnancy but it does so much more. The more I read about it the more my uterus was precious to me. So I followed Dr. Ahn’s suggestions and have been receiving acupunctures and herbal medicine since December 17, 2002 and I have been feel stronger and have more energy and I have been stopped bleeding about 2 weeks ago and I feel confident that I will keep my uterus and don’t have to have hysterectomy.

Dr. Ahn has been very kind to me since I’ve met him and during the treatments, I have asked him many questions concerning my treatments and he took the time to answer the questions in easy terms so that I could understand about acupuncture and herbal medicine, why and how it works. I really appreciate the fact that these traditional medicines works with your body and it helps your body to heal itself by helping your own body’s healing power and it has no side effects. The only side effects for this kind of treatment are that by the time you are done with your treatments, your whole body feels good.

I thank Dr. Ahn after every treatment because I feel better every time. I’m still getting treatments from him and my confidence in his healing abilities grows with each treatment that I receive.

I highly recommend everybody to Dr. Ahn’s Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.

- Chun Ok Friedt. Marysville, WA -

저는 금년 48세의 춘옥입니다. 한국에서 태어나고 자랐지만 한약이라던가 침술로 치료하는 한의학에 대해선 별로 관심이 없었어요.

2002년 10월부터 월경상태가 좋지 않아서 저는 그냥 이제 갱년기인가보다 하고 생각했고 그러다 말겠지 하면서 있었는데 그런 상태가 3주가 넘으면서부터는 언제까지 끝없이 나와 이러다 건강이 나빠지는 게 아닌지 걱정이 되기 시작했어요. 그래서 부랴부랴 주치의를 만나 혈액검사를 해보니 극도의 빈혈이 있지만 여성호르몬의 상태는 갱년기증상은 아니라는 것이었고, 갑상선호르몬은 저하되어 있다는 것을 알았습니다. 그래서 다시 부인과 전문의에게 가보라고 해서 검사를 했더니 자궁이 커졌다며 자궁을 들어내는 수술만이 해결방법이지만 갑상선기능이 좋지 않으므로 그것도 당장은 못하니 갑상선기능을 좀 지켜봐야할 필요가 있다고 했습니다.

언니 중의 한 분이 제게 한의사를 추천해서 갔더니 그날이 토요일이라서 휴무였어요. 전화번호부를 뒤져 성신한의원에 전화했더니 마침 무슨 일이 있어서 나와 계셨던 원장님을 만나게 되었지요. 저는 자궁출혈이 멈추는 것이야말로 가장 시급하다고 했고, 그 후에 자궁을 들어내는 수술을 받을 생각을 하고 있다고 말씀드렸는데 원장님은 최대한 노력해보고 안 되면 그때가서 들어내면 어떠냐고 하셨습니다. 그는 하나님께서 우리 몸을 만드실 때 필요없는 것은 만들지 않으셨다며 가능하다면 수술은 가장 마지막 방법으로 택하는 것이 좋지 않겠는가고 말하고 있었지요.

원장님의 말씀은 하나님을 경외하는 그리스도인인 저의 가슴에 와 다았고 저는 여성의 몸의 구조, 특히 자궁에 대한 책들을 찾아 읽기 시작했죠.

자궁은 단순히 여성호르몬을 생산하고 아기를 가지는 것 외에 여성의 건강을 지키는 매우 중요하고 커다란 역할을 하고 있다는 것을 알게 되었답니다. 그래서 침술치료와 한약으로 한의학적 치료를 2002년 12월 17일부터 받기 시작했는데 2주전에는 자궁출혈도 멈추었고 기운도 생겨 튼튼해지는 것을 느끼면서 이대로 좋아지면 자궁수술을 받지 않아도 되겠다는 믿음이 생깁니다.

원장님은 참 친절하시고 매번 드리는 질문에 알아듣기 쉽게 설명해주십니다. 우리들에게 한의학적 치료가 필요한 이유들을 들으면서 저는 우리에게 한의학이 있다는 것이 정말 고마왔습니다. 게다가 아무런 부작용이 없이 우리 몸의 기능을 정상화시킨다니 얼마나 좋아요.

매번 갈 때마다 좋아지는 것을 알게 해주시는 원장님께 감사드려요.

성신한의원 원장님을 여러분께 적극 추천합니다.

-매리스빌에서 춘옥 프리트 드림-

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