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  A letter from Marcia Kelly
April 1, 2003

I have been going to Ahn’s acupuncture Clinic for three years. I started going after I was in a car accident and suffered from a whiplash. I had been to various doctors. I had no relief from anyone until Dr. Ahn started treating me. I felt better after three treatments and was totally better after seven. I was amazed since I had tried all the other sources of healing and nothing had worked. Also the level of pain was so bad that it was hard for me to function.

I used to get migraine headaches and was taking a large amount of drugs for this. During the course of treatments this has so improved that I rarely get headaches. Now if I have anything wrong such as a cold or flu I go to Ahn’s acupuncture. I have not missed a day of work in three years. This is important not to miss work, as I’m a teacher. I rarely get sick and I have more energy and a better outlook on life.

I highly recommend this alternative type of treatment. Before I knew about Ahn’s acupuncture, I had been to several other acupunctures with little or no help. With the treatment from Ahn’s acupuncture I’ve had the best results! As a professional myself, I respect his expert knowledge and professionalism in this area.

- Marcia Kelly. Edmonds, WA -

지난 3년간 성신한의원에 다녔어요. 처음에는 교통사고를 당해서였죠. 여러 의료기관에서 치료를 받았지만 원장님께 세 번째 치료를 받으면서부터 좋아지기 시작했고 7번째 치료로 완전히 좋아졌어요. 다른 곳에서도 치료를 많이 받았었지만 좋아지지 않았고 참을 수 없는 통증으로 괴로웠던 것이 그렇게 빨리 좋아진 것이 놀라왔습니다.

저는 오래 전부터 편두통이 너무 심해서 이 편두통 때문에 진통제를 다량으로 복용했었는데 이것도 원장님께 치료를 받은 후 많이 좋아져서 지금은 아주 가끔 생겨요. 이제는 감기나 독감같은 것에 걸려도 성신한의원으로 갑니다. 지난 3년간 한 번도 결근하지 않았죠. 이건 교사로서는 대단히 중요한 것이에요. 뿐만 아니라 많이 건강해졌습니다.

여러분께 성신한의원을 적극 추천합니다. 성신한의원을 모를 때, 다른 한의사에게도 치료를 받았었는데 효과가 조금 이거나 없었어요. 성신한의원 원장님의 치료로 저는 너무너무 좋아졌어요. 저도 전문인이지만 원장님의 전문 한의사로서의 지식과 자질에 존경을 드립니다.

-에드몬드에서 마샤 켈리 드림-

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