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  A letter from a beautiful young lady
Jan. 21, 2003

I was referred to Ahn's acupuncture clinic by a co-worker who was successfully treated for migraines and neck pain. I had a few healthy concerns that I wanted to address without using medications.

In my first appointment, he assessed the condition of my body, describing information about myself which I had not yet disclosed to him. I was definitely impressed and awed.

About 4 weeks after my first visit, I got infected with Shingles. He helped clear my infection within a 2 visit period.
In the past, I had frequent acne breakouts. My skin is getting clear in tone and texture with less and less breakouts. I had chronic right inner hip/groin pain that I previously tried to treat with massage and chiropractic's. Now the pain is practically gone.

I am still under the care of him to help achieve a regular menstrual cycle.
My body has had this condition for a very long time, as he reminds me "Rome was not built in a day", and I will have to have patience and perseverance to let his medicine work.

I am positive he will help me achieve a balance back to my body's natural state and ultimate health.

- Sonja Severe. Snohomish, WA -
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