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  A letter from Marcia Kelly
April 1, 2003

I have been going to Ahn’s acupuncture Clinic for three years. I started going after I was in a car accident and suffered from a whiplash. I had been to various doctors. I had no relief from anyone until he started treating me. I felt better after three treatments and was totally better after seven. I was amazed since I had tried all the other sources of healing and nothing had worked. Also the level of pain was so bad that it was hard for me to function.

I used to get migraine headaches and was taking a large amount of drugs for this. During the course of treatments this has so improved that I rarely get headaches. Now if I have anything wrong such as a cold or flu I go to Ahn’s acupuncture. I have not missed a day of work in three years. This is important not to miss work, as I’m a teacher. I rarely get sick and I have more energy and a better outlook on life.

I highly recommend this alternative type of treatment. Before I knew about Ahn’s acupuncture, I had been to several other acupunctures with little or no help. With the treatment from Ahn’s acupuncture I’ve had the best results! As a professional myself, I respect his expert knowledge and professionalism in this area.

- Marcia Kelly. Edmonds, WA -
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