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Obesity is a condition in which there is too much fat in the body and being obese is not pleasant.
Obesity and overweight is not same. However a lot of people are confused of these two, because of similarity.

The reason why becoming obese is not clear, but there are some possible reasons of why as follows:
  1. More calories are taken in than are being used.
  2. Less physical activities.
  3. Lower level of metabolism.
  4. Genetic factor.
  5. Hormonal disorder or imbalance.
    Acumeta for Obesity

Why do we have to watch?
Obesity have more chances to developing the serious illness, like High blood pressure, Stroke, Osteoarthritis, Stress, Pain, Gall stone, Gout, Disc, Increasing cholesterol, Decreasing immune function, Constipation, Coronary heart disease, Diabetes mellitus, Colon cancer, Rectum cancer, Prostate cancer in men, Breast, Uterus and Cervix cancer in women, etc.

What do we recommend?
  1. Diet depends on body constitution.
  2. Proper amount of exercise regularly.
  3. Changing life style including eating and living habit.
  4. Treatment.
We can help, if you...
  • failed your own method of diet.
  • think to have an operation.
  • can not have proper amount of exercise due to lower level of energy.
  • have high level of cholesterol.
  • have larger size of waist than hip.
  • know that someone in your family has a serious illness due to obesity.
  • have dried skin.
How to treat obesity?
Fundamental idea is same as Western medicine, which are exercises, diet and pertinent treatment to an individual but there are some different ways to treat. It is very clear that most of patient in obesity are not have enough of energy, which is "Ki deficiency". So this condition will lead to "General weakness". Then Ki can not flow smoothly in it's related meridian, and is causing to develop many problems, as it is described on above section.

So we have to see what is the priority and what is secondary in order to solve the problem.
Most of cases in obesity, lower level of energy is the major factor, so to obtaining more energy is the first step to starting treatment. And next step would be determined depends on patient's constitution of body. This will take time and need patience until reach to goal, have to remember not in a day.
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