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Following problems, but not limited to, can be treated by Korean Traditional medicine.

Afraid of needle? Don't worry, we have non-needle treatment methods.

Auto mobile accident

We would like to express a deep consolation for your accident. Injury, related to a car accident, is not a simple case so it could be remaining for very long time. Many of patients are complaining pains years later after limited times of treatments.

Not like a health insurance, auto-insurance is opened to all kinds of medical practitioners by your own decision where to go, whom to see. You have a right to choose a doctor, who you can trust. Because of responsibility, Insurance Company never gives you a recommendation to whom you should go and see.

If you don’t know who is a good, better or best, then pick one up who has a long enough experience. You can try Western method or Eastern method. If you don’t feel improvement from very first visit, then please give us an opportunity to serve you. You will feel improvement from very first visit. But remember one thing, you have to come to us before you consume limited amount of dollars for medical services, insurance company does not paying more than your policy.

Ahn’s Acupuncture is an extraordinary method and only one in America, what’s more? You will be surprised it’s effectiveness even though you know about acupuncture medicine. Remember, you will be get better very shortly, no comparison. It is a unique, so you can trust us fully without any doubt.

So, call now for an appointment. 425-774-1535.

Trauma pain
Trigeminal neuralgia
Chronic rheumatic arthritis
Lower back pain, Lumbago, Disc.
Frozen shoulder
Peri-arthritis of shoulder
Spinal scoliosis
Cramp of Calf
Auto-mobile accident
Other Painful Symptoms
  Computerized Acupuncture 

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